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Who We Are

A Letter From Our Founder

When I was a young teenager, my uncle sent me a letter that changed me forever. It was a thoughtful expression of his love and pride in me. I had no idea that note would shape my life from that point forward. While the letter was beautifully written, what stood out to me was the closing. It was signed: “the one becoming,” followed by his name. I asked him why he used this closing phrase. My uncle explained to me that “everyone is in the process of becoming a new and hopefully better form of themselves.” It was at that point that I knew I wanted to help people embrace this very wonderful truth.

It is virtually impossible to intentionally arrive at a destination without first knowing where you are now, and where you want to be. Then, once you’ve confirmed the location of the start and finish, you must determine the most efficient route and acquire the necessary resources and tools to get there.

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Have you ever been driving your car, when your GPS tells you to make a turn that seems strange? Some of us make the turn in good faith as advised by the app, while others just keep going in the direction we feel is correct…only to find out two miles down the road that we have either avoided a two-hour traffic jam by following the GPS, or found ourselves right in the middle of one by ignoring the computerized guidance.

I believe that true success comes from being Intentional in your direction with each step, which is challenging when most of us have so many distractions and tasks requiring our attention. Whether it’s building a business, raising children, caring for loved ones, or advancing our careers, there is always something pulling us in multiple directions. Adding to this constant pulling of our efforts is the simple fact that we don’t know what we don’t know. We live in a world where information is so readily available, yet how do we know which thought or idea will work best for us and aid in our Becoming?

At times, it may seem easier to settle for ‘good’ or ‘good enough’ in areas such as our finances. If we are generally heading in the right direction, we should be okay, right? But is that really what you want to become — OKAY? The biggest obstacle to GREATNESS is settling for ‘good’ or just ‘okay’.

Trusting someone with your finances can be a daunting decision, and I understand that. That’s one of the reasons I became an advisor. I wanted others to feel comfortable knowing they had someone looking out for them — someone who really understands their needs and dreams and who’ll guide them with respect and patience.

A Tailored Method (ATM) was created to do this and more. ATM was designed to have a lasting impact in our clients’ lives, by getting you started in the right direction AND by guiding you through your entire wealth-building journey. We provide custom ideas and recommendations created just for you and your BECOMING.

You no longer have to settle for the average cookie-cutter financial planning that merely gets you to ‘good’ or ‘okay.’ No matter where you are in your financial journey — from ultra-high net worth, to just starting out — from your first job to retirement, and everything in between, I know that there is A Tailored Method that can be designed to help you avoid the hurdles and roadblocks which could otherwise cause delays or prevent you from reaching your desired destination.

We have access to a top-notch planning resource staffed by professionals with backgrounds in the law, accounting, finance and tax and with expertise from all walks of life - an industry leading resource with our clients in mind. Our goal is to give you everything you need to feel confident and comfortable with your finances, whether that’s clarification about how a strategy works, insight into opportunities you hadn’t considered, or access to resources that help you reach your goals.

In sum, we're here to help you make great decisions and ensure you’re on the path to your dreams— by providing custom wealth strategies tailored specifically for your INTENIONAL journey of BECOMING and moving you from good… to better… to GREAT.

The One Becoming,

Wyatt Coleman